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Great tans don't happen by accident, they happen by appointment. Give your skin that extra glow today!

After Glow organic airbrush tanning provides spray tanning solutions that create healthy and radiant skin tones. Each service is tailored to the clients preferences and skin type. The company and staff elevates industry standards by delivering an exceptional service and flawless results.


Appointments take about 10-15 minutes and results last for 7-10 days. Most clients tan 1-3x per month, and some clients only tan for special occasions such as events or vacations. Whatever the reason you want to build some color to your skin, After Glow will customize a tone that works for you!

Beach Time

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Custom Airbrush Tan (full body)

Studio $50 Mobile $60
  • Full Body spray creates an even tone to your skin from head to toe. You always have an option to skip your face being sprayed or customize your tan application. Want no tan lines? No problem! Do you like a tan line? Leave something on such as your undies or a swimsuit to create the perfect tan line.


Custom Airbrush Tan (half body)

Studio $25 Mobile $30
  • Half Body means belly button up or belly button down. If you want your bottom half only but also your face it's an additional $5. If you have a "farmer's tan" and need your torso and upper arms & legs tanned you'll want to book a Full Body spray tan.


Custom Contour add on

  • Using a smaller brush the airbrush artist creates a more toned appearance to the client's body. Afterwards an airbrush tan is applied. This service adds an extra defined After Glow result.


Tan Maintenance products

$25 each $60 for set $10 tanning mitt
  • Self-Tanning Lotion

  • Tan Extender Lotion

  • Tan Remover Scrub

  • Tanning Mitt

$10 off next service or product for each new client referral
Tropical Leaves

Let's Work Together!

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