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Green Plants

About Me

Hi I'm Britt, and the creator of After Glow.

I have been an airbrush tanning artist for 10+ years and love helping clients feel better about their skin tone. I am originally from Scottsdale, Arizona and moved to San Diego a few years ago. I have worked in a salon setting for most of my career, but recently decided I was ready to create a business of my own!

I've used many different products throughout the years, and have mastered the application of airbrush tanning. I love educating my clients on best practices for preparing and maintaining their spray tans. I value the relationships I create with my clients, and always make sure clients feel comfortable during their appointment and confident when they leave.  When I am not airbrushing, I like to practice yoga, watch movies, and spend time with my fiancé & our daughter Dylan. My dream is to inspire other people to create their own happiness, whatever that might be.

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